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Ho Bloody Ho Pose Pack

It’s that time of year where Father Winter must endure a parade of juveniles hopping on to his knee. Some are good, some are bad, one is sinfully wicked – but which will your sims be?

Each Father Winter pose can be combined with each of the other poses for oodles of combinations. Perfect for holiday postcards or any other occasion when it’s acceptable for kids to sit on a random adult’s lap.

Pack contains: 17 poses6 for Father Winter, 4 for teens/adults, 4 child poses and 3 toddler poses.

Place 2 x teleporters in the centre of any chair or sofa.

(Google Drive)

NOTE: This pose pack was created with Clement Frost, TS4’s default Father Winter, in mind. If you use another sim, especially a skinnier one in a different outfit, you might get some floating issues going on, like this:

If you use TOOL, you can fix it. If not, for best results, please use a fat sim, or a heavily padded one:


3 thoughts on “Ho Bloody Ho Pose Pack

    1. It is, in toddler, child and teen form. April, Melinda and Wyatt also feature at various ages, purely so I didn’t have to make new sims.
      I’m not lazy, I’m recycling – good for the planet. 😉


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