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Something in the Sky Pose Pack

It started as a casual chat on the grassAnd now you’re being probed in your… brain. Maybe it’s aliens, maybe it’s a falling meteorite or perhaps it’s just a particularly bright and terrifying star. (Aargh! The sun!) Pack contains: 8 poses that can be combined in various ways, or used individually. To get the simsContinue reading “Something in the Sky Pose Pack”

Ho Bloody Ho Pose Pack

It’s that time of year where Father Winter must endure a parade of juveniles hopping on to his knee. Some are good, some are bad, one is sinfully wicked – but which will your sims be? Each Father Winter pose can be combined with each of the other poses for oodles of combinations. Perfect forContinue reading “Ho Bloody Ho Pose Pack”

Such A Drag Pose Pack

Aggressively get someone’s attention with a wrist, shoulder, collar or hair grab. Whether it’s a harsh lesson in not talking back to Mother, or something a little darker, everyone needs angry drag poses in their collection, right? No? Just me? Pack contains: 4 couple poses (8 poses total). Place 2 x teleporters on the sameContinue reading “Such A Drag Pose Pack”

Miserable Picnic Pose Pack

Somewhere between love and misery lies… whatever-the-hell this pack is. A seated picnic table conversation / reconciliation between two sims who have both seen brighter days. Pack contains: 20 poses with loads of combos. Most are swappable or usable by themselves. Place 2 x teleporters in the centre of a picnic table. Or have aContinue reading “Miserable Picnic Pose Pack”

Boring Book

Each page has been made extra boring and without imagery to ensure maximum drudgery while studying. All original colours included. No more garlic or birds to look at. Doesn’t do anything. Doesn’t override anything. Just sits there. > Download < Storytelling/gameplay tips none. It’s literally as dull as it looks. Important stuff§225Based on the oneContinue reading “Boring Book”

Sex Ed Flip Chart

Teach your class (or your kids) the finer points about intimate relationships with this handy flip chart. Six pages of poorly-drawn, cringeworthy material to ensure the lesson is never, ever forgotten. > Download < Storytelling/gameplay tips have your students seated around the flipchart and have your teacher stand to the side of it. Get teachContinue reading “Sex Ed Flip Chart”

In Your Arms Pose Pack

From sweet to sinister. Multiple combos for all your carrying needs.  Cute cradle carry? Yup.  Passed out sack of potato pose? You got it.  Awkward, three-way, carry with face squished between bums? You betcha. Pack includes: 20 poses including tweaks for bigger frames. >Download<