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Do I need to give credit / link back / tag you?
I like to see what you do with my stuff – what creator doesn’t? – but I totally get that remembering or bothering to tag every single creator of every single pose is a major ball ache, so it’s nice, but not essential.

Can I make small edits to your poses?
The pose is 95% perfect but the face doesn’t fit the scene? Wish the hand was in a different place so it didn’t clip though the sofa? Is my pose-making skill just generally a bit crap and you itch to fix something? I understand. Edit away.

Do you take requests?
Yes, if they interest me. Use the form below to tell me about your idea and I’ll let you know.

I want to give you money for your stuff.
Thanks, but that’s not why I’m here. Pick a charity and send it there.

I want to reupload your stuff and claim that I made it and make money from it
Short answer: fuck off
Long answer:

Dear Thief,
Making content takes ages and is a labour of love. 
Learn to do it yourself or pick another way to make money you talentless, attention-seeking, creation-stealing arsehole.
Love, Snuffy

I want to know something else
Feel free to contact me using the form below, or leave a comment. Aggressive letters aside, I’m pretty friendly. 😆


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